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eremony for POWs and missing persons in action on Sept. 19. It was the United States that suspended the unearthing of the remains which had been underway in the territory of the D

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ts U.S. citizens to the situation in Haiti and urges them to avoid travel to Haiti in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12," said the alert, whi

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ed its commitment to the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison in the wake of damaging leaks of classified documents on the infamous facility. Speaking to reporters during a daily

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n military into a "self-profitable company." That includes launching tourism programs to earn foreign currency for the military, fostering a defense industry capable of producing

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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ispanic Caucus (CHC) leaders believe that, before adjourning, Congress should approve the DREAM Act," the White House said in a statement after Obama's meeting with the CHC leade

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news that bin Laden is dead, Australia Associated Press quoted a U.S. expert as reporting on Tuesday. A researcher at Brandeis University of the United States Aaron Zelin has been

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t calm be restored to the streets in Haiti. "It is essential that Haitian political actors fulfill their responsibilities and demonstrate a firm commitment to democratic principle

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of the new president, a former singer popular among young Haitians, who does not hesitate to lash out against his opponents. PORT-AU-PRINCE, June 21 (Xinhua) -- The Haitian parl

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pting to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Oregon, U.S. authorities said. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was charged with attempting to

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highway Thursday afternoon, have been released from hospitals, she said. Swan said she was not clear if the traffic accident was caused by overspeed or human error, not did she kno

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ated her intention to step down at the start of President Barack Obama's second term in January, and the president has nominated Senator John Kerry to succeed her. Nuland said tha

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